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This handy utility allows you to schedule events on your computer. Events such as, display a message, play a WAVe file, start an application, execute a batch file, activate a Windows shortcut, copy file(s) to another location, or shut-down your computer. Events can be scheduled to occur once or multiple times. Using batch files, you can program your computer to do virtually anything while you are away. Just download, unzip, and execute the SETUP.EXE.


Screen Shots

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Schedule1a.jpg (62819 bytes)
Schedule Event

Schedule2a.JPG (47235 bytes)
Select Event

Schedule3a.JPG (66092 bytes)
Options and Log

Schedule4a.JPG (68518 bytes)
Info Screen



Version Information

Program Name: Schedule-It
Distribution Format: ZIP file (2180 k)
Last Updated: September 1, 2003
Operating System: Windows XP, 2000, NT, Me, 95/98
Current Version: 1.01



How to get Schedule-It

Download the latest version of Schedule-It. This is a Zip file containing a SETUP.EXE and the files required to install an evaluation version. This is evaluation version has pop-up messages reminding you to register. You are allowed 30 days to evaluate the software. If you decide to continue using the software, purchasing a registration number will unlock your installation and remove those annoying reminder messages.  (2175 k).

Purchase a Registration Number online for just $12.95. The registration number will remove those annoying reminder messages. Receive a registration number immediately after submitting your credit card payment.



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