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3D Cribbage   

This is the game that started it all.  This game has the best graphics ever developed for a cribbage game for DOS.  User selects speed of game, computer skill level, screen colors, and more.  Play using the keyboard or a mouse. VGA video required.  3D Cribbage works with DOS 3.x or later.  Just download, unzip, and execute the INSTALL.EXE. Download Now...


Screen Shots

(click on image to enlarge)

images/3dcrib01_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Main Menu

images/3dcrib05_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Cut the Deck

images/3dcrib03_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Select Discards

images/3dcrib06_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Play the Count

images/3dcrib04_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Score Hands

images/3dcrib07_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Game Options




Version Information

Program Name: 3D Cribbage
Distribution Format: ZIP file (260 k)
Last Updated: July 30, 1999
Operating System:  DOS 3.x or later
Current Version: 2.02


Download 3D Cribbage Demo


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