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 Cribbage Wizard   

If you enjoy a good game of cribbage, this game is for you. The computer challenges you to a cribbage game with an enjoyable game interface and easy to follow game format.  You keep score or have the computer do it for you.  Select speed of game play, screen colors, and skill level of computer. For the serious cribbage player there is an expert mode which allows you to concentrate on card playing without all the click to proceed message boxes.  If you have a sound card, enable the game sounds.  Hear the cards shuffling and slapping, and a score keeper that announces plays and scores.  Just download, unzip, and execute the SETUP.EXE.  Download Now...


Screen Shots

  (click on image to enlarge)

snap011_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Cut for Deal

snap005_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Select Discard

snap002_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Play the Count

snap004_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Score Hands

snap006_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Select Cards

snap007_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Game Options

snap008_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Best Hands

snap009_small.JPG (2531 bytes)
Best Games




Version Information

Program Name: Cribbage Wizard
Distribution Format: ZIP file (985 k)
Last Updated: July 30, 1999
Operating System:  Windows 3.x
Current Version: 1.0.1


Download Cribbage Wizard Demo



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